Privacy Policy

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Southern Ontario Region manages confidential information regarding the lives of others. We define confidential information as any and all business information known by employees through their employment with E-Fry SOR. This includes, but is not limited to, information about clients, administrative information, personnel information, financial matters and donor information.

No information regarding clients or donors is exchanged, shared, or otherwise provided to others outside of our agency without express written consent to release information.

Access to information is limited to persons who have the appropriate reliability screening or security clearance and who have a need-to-know. Staff protect confidential information by ensuring compliance with all applicable legal requirements. All written information and all discussions of confidential information are managed in accordance with E-Fry SOR policy.

E-Fry SOR maintains the security of computing resources including safeguarding sensitive positions or locations and maintaining current awareness and training of computer technology security. We protect personal information through the use of security safeguards that protect against loss, theft, and unauthorized access of your personal information. Our safeguards include ensuring that there is restricted physical, computer and employee access to the information. Our employees are trained to understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality of personal information. In addition, our organization will ensure that personal information will be disposed of or destroyed in a manner that is consistent with the protection of your personal information.

E-Fry SOR has a complaint procedure in place in order to address any challenges concerning our compliance with this privacy policy. If you would like to make a complaint regarding any of our privacy practices, please contact our Executive Director.

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