Institution Programs

Release Planning

This program provides women from the Hamilton community support with preparing a release plan during their incarceration in provincial and federal institutions.

Taking Control: Making Healthy Choices

This group is a 6 week open group offered in the Hamilton Wentworth Detention Centre that educates women on abuse issues.

Community Service Orders (CSO)

This is a program for men and women ordered by the court to completecommunity service hours.

Shoplifting Alternatives, Rehabilitation and Education (SHARE)

This is an 8 week open group that addresses issues of A-typical and Typical theft offered at the Hamilton Wentworth Detention Centre.

Opportunities for Women

This is an 8 week pre-contemplative open group which helps women identify emotional obsticles in their lives and promotes healthy self-esteem offered at the Hamilton Wentworth Detention Centre.

Individual Counselling

This program is for women who pose a potential to come into conflict with the law or are in conflict with the law and have experienced abuse. This is offered at the Hamilton Wentworth Detention Centre.

Teen Esteem

This is an open group that teaches positive self-esteem and is offered at Dawn Patrol for young women ages 14-17 years old.

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