Community Programs

A Woman's Journey

This program is a 9 module anger management program for women who have experienced abuse. The material focuses on self-esteem, anger styles, healthy steps to dealing with anger, journaling, boundaries, stress, self-care, abuse and healthy relationships.

Opportunities for Women

This is an 8 week pre-contemplative closed group which helps women identify emotional obstacles in their lives and promotes healthy self-esteem.

Shoplifting Alternatives, Rehabilitation and Education (SHARE)

This program has 8 modules that addresses issues of a-typical and typical theft. The program material focuses on self-esteem, grief/loss, consequences of the criminal justice system, depression, communication and goal setting.

Sex Trade Alternatives, Resources and Services (STARS)

This program supports women sex workers, whether currently working or exited. The focus of this program is to provide education, safety planning, advocacy, outreach, basic necessities, programming and referrals.

Court Support

The Elizabeth Fry Society Southern Ontario Region can provide a court worker to advocate for and provide referrals and support for women to help them navigate through the court process at the John Sopinka Court House in Hamilton.

Individual VAW Counselling

This is a counselling program geared towards women who have experienced abuse, are in conflict with the law, or are at risk of coming into conflict. This program offers education, support, options, resources, advocacy, needs assessment, information on abuse, safety planning, community referrals and ongoing support.

H.E.R. Drop-In

Criminalized women age 18 and older are offered an onsite drop-in support at our head office. The goal of this program is to assist women who have been in conflict with the law with community reintegration. The drop-in also includes programming, access to free clothing, toiletries and food.

Domestic Violence Survival

This program has 5 modules examining issues women face when they experience domestic violence. Program material focuses on self-esteem, identifying controlling behaviours, guilt, safety, effects of abuse and self-empowerment.

Success Through Change

This program has 7 modules and examines different ways to manage emotions. The program material focuses on choosing change, grief, being mindful, working through conflict and challenging negative thinking.

Relapse Prevention

This program has 13 modules that explores methods of relapse prevention. The topics we address include problem solving, decision making, boundaries, triggers and warnings, post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS), and developing a relapse prevention plan.

Anger Management

This is a 4 module program offering quick tips to managing anger. Program material explores causes of anger, developing an anger plan, resolving conflict productively and positive communication.

Breaking Free

This program is for survivors of domestic violence and has 10 modules. The program delves into identifying abuse, effects of abuse, decision making for leaving or staying, self-care, and community supports.

Women’s Trauma Healing

This is a 9 module program that explores the phases of healing from trauma. The topics discussed are safety planning, managing emotions, triggers, flashbacks, managing anger, self-esteem, healthy relationships and positive communication.

Peer Support Program

This is a volunteer program for women who have lived experience and would like to support other women going through the criminal justice system. Peer Supports receive 7 sessions of training before becoming a volunteer and they help out mainly with our drop-in programs.

Community Service Orders (CSO)

The Community Service Order Program is a sentencing disposition for adult offenders under the Criminal Code and Provincial Offences Act. The service objectives of the CSO program are to provide a community based sentencing option that will develop and supervise specific activities relevant to holding the offender accountable for reparation of harm done, and provide opportunities for the offender to be a contributing member of the community.

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