The Community Program of our agency supports women with the following services:

The agency offers groups to address issues women face the groups are:


  • A Women’s Journey: this group is designed to target women who have experienced abuse and whose anger is having impact on their lives. The group educates women on anger and offers tools and supports to understand anger and be able to use it as a positive motivating force in their lives.


  • Opportunities for Women is a pre-contemplative group to assist women to self-identify issues and barriers in their lives. Upon completion of this group staff will refer client s to services to address the identified need.


  • Shoplifting Alternatives Rehabilitation and Education (SHARE) and Fraud Alternatives Rehabilitation and Education (FARE) are groups that are designed to work with atypical theft behaviour. They are modeled after Wil Chuchik’s theory that for some, theft/fraud is a coping mechanism for past or present trauma.


  • Teen Esteem is a group offered for young women in an open custody facility. This group is to educate young women on celebrating being a woman.


The Corrections Program encompasses services offered in the institutions of our justice system. They are: 

  • Taking Control and Making Healthy Choices is a group offered in the Hamilton Wentworth Detention Centre. It is a group that educates women on violence against women and its impact
  •  Court Support is offered at the court house and it supports and advocates for women to address the issues that have them before the courts. This support also advocates for the best outcome for the woman, her family and the community
  •  Release Planning is a service offered in the Provincial and Federal prisons. It supports Hamilton women who are coming back to their community to prepare a release plan and maintain support in the community
  •  Community volunteers are an important asset to our agency. Each volunteer is screened and receives gender specific  as well as working with criminalized women training


The Sex Trade Alternate Resource Services (STARS) program is the only program in the city specifically designed to meet the needs of women involved in sex work.  It operates with a harm reduction model. The program components are:

  • Diversion
  • Case management
  • Addiction support
  • Public Education
  • Outreach
  • Drop In
  • Peer volunteers